Trial 1

Flavor Question: Can I make the flavor more even by pureeing the peaches and evening out the fruit (putting in more cherries and less peaches)?

Texture Question: How can we make the edges less brown and still keep it cooked inside?

Flavor Hypothesis -  If I Puree the peaches and divide the fruit in half I will make a more even flavor in the bread.

Texture Hypothesis - If I bake it at the same temperature for only 50 min the insides will be done and the edges will not be burned yet

Experiment  Summary - When making the bread this time, we used 1 cup of sweet cherries instead of1/2 cup of  tart cherries.  The peaches were pureed and measured 1 cup. I forgot to put in the nutmeg with the other spices, but luckily I remembered just before we mixed so we were able to fix it.  We mixed for for 35 seconds this time. We wrote down the empty bowl bowl weight wrong and accidentally put too much in one loaf pan.  The loaves were baked for 50 minutes at the same temperature (350 degrees)

Flavor Conclusion - I only tasted cinnamon except when tasting cherry chunks. There was not any peach flavor.  We decided that we might want to find a way to concentrate the peach flavor since we can't increase the amount without getting rid of the cherries.The best idea we had for concentrating the flavor is simmering the peach puree to cook off some of the water.

Texture Conclusion -We decided that the inside was probably under cooked because there were more holes at the top than at the bottom, but the edges were still crispy.   Next time, we will cook it for one hour at 325 degrees.

Personal Review - Overall, I like the cooking part but I hate the lab report. Taking notes is frustrating because I hate writing with a passion.   The cooking part is pretty fun because it is good mother-daughter bonding time and it feels really good.  It is like hot cocoa.  And it made some yummy bread.


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