Food Adventure - Multigrain Bread Edition

Bread is an important part of our lives and I am always experimenting with new ideas.  I was very inspired by this recipe and created my own multigrain mix.  It took a long time for me to work up the courage to try it.  I was afraid of grinding the grains. But it was easier than I thought.  My grinder didn't work at all but the blender handled it with ease.  And the best part is that the bread turned out AMAZING which is a good thing because I have tons of the multigrain mix left.  I winged it and created my own mix using what I had an what I could find easily at the local market.

I used
  • purchased rice flour
  • purchased semolina
  • purchased cracked buckwheat
  • oats ground at home
  • corn flour
  • ground barley
  • flaxseed unground - next time I will grind this as well
I prepped the dough the day before I intended to bake it and let it rise gently in the fridge.  On baking day I took the dough out and let it rest on the counter for an hour then tried to shape it.  It was much too wet to shape as I had hoped so into the loaf pans it went.  I let it rise another hour or so until doubled again and then baked for about 45 minutes. And it was the lightest, most flavorful loaf I have had in a long time. 


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