Happy Half Birthday

Guess who is 6 months old! Little Bit is awesome.  She is cooing up a storm telling us all her stories.  Her smile lights up our existence and her giggles are the best music. She discovered her hands awhile ago but now she is using them to discover the world.  She loves to ring the wind chimes and feel the leaves of Froggy's lemon tree.  She is working really hard on rolling over.  She has stumbled into it a couple of times but can't do it reliably.

She weighs 15.5lb and is 23.5" long which places her in the 40% percentile for weight though she is not yet on the chart for heght yet.  Pediatrician says that is normal.  She is meeting all the milestones for her adjusted age.  She has her first visit with the physical therapist this week and her first visit with the developmental pediatrician later this month.

She got to experience her first snow fall.  She did not like the blizzard but was much less dubious about the snow itself when we went out later.  Sledding though is going to wait until next winter.

It has been a rocky road but we made it through. 


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