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I have talked before about my food issues and my struggles to keep from passing them on to Froggy. It is a hard battle. With very very rare exception, Froggy will not tell me she is hungry or ask for food. I offer her food on a regular basis and I try hard to keep the maximum time between offers to 2hrs. However lots of those offers get declined. This leads to child who melts down into hysterics because she is so hungry she just can't keep it together. A little bit of food and the transformation is amazing.

So my problem becomes hw to encourage her to eat without pushing her and how to handle the food offer during the meltdown. It is very very very important to me not to use food as a mood enhancer. I don't want to teach Froggy that eating will help you not feel sad yet I need to feed her when she is so sad and I need to teach her that the feelings that got her to the meltdown are calls for food. I am seriously stuck in how to keep them separate. The best I have come up with for the moment is to try to talk about physical sensations and "rumblies in her tumblie" (we are a pooh-loving household)


  1. Finally came and checked out this blog. :) I think we could have a good chat about food and working with our kids on figuring out when they are hungry BEFORE the meltdowns.

    I've had some success with Shannon during meltdowns lately. But I want the success to happen before the start.


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