Friday Finds - Thanksgiving

Please forgive me. This week's Friday Find is late due to technical difficulties. I hope you all will still add your favorite Thanksgiving finds. Our family needs some new good books for Thanksgiving.

Mary's First Thanksgiving – This book is set during the early 1900's. Mary and her family are recent immigrants from Ireland. This is the first year they are in America for Thanksgiving. Mary comes home from school angry saying she hates Thanksgiving and has nothing to be thankful for. Her family is extremely poor and has little food yet her parents help her find reasons to be thankful and show her how life is good and getting better.

I really like that the book shows an honest child’s perspective of envy and poverty. I also like that it shows Mary finding age appropriate yet meaningful things to be thankful

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves – This book is more an Autumn book than a Thanksgiving book but we hold it until November rather reading it earlier in Autumn so it fits to me. Some people have recommended this books a helpful tool for little ones faced with death / grief. It can be read simply as a season book or used as a jumping place for other discussion. It shows the circle of life as Fletcher deals with fear and grief as his favorite tree loses its leaves.


  1. My favorite has always been Thanksgiving at the Tappletons by Eileen Spinelli. The original which I purchased in 1994 had a human family, when it was re-released in 2004 the illustrations show a fox family...Which, IMHO, I think is an odd choice! It is very funny as each member of the family struggles with some mishap that threatens to ruin the Thanksgiving meal, in the end they learn it doesn't matter what's on the table but who is around the table! Check it out and enjoy!


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