Lesson Plans - Spring Semester

For the Fall Semester - I kept our "schooling" obligations simple because we were starting a preschool coop with some friends. The coop is an important part of our week and we are very committed to it. However it is more a playdate than a learning opportunity. The real schooling we have been doing (which has been well-received by Froggy) is My First Parsha. I hate it. The language is so stilted and choppy it is driving me nuts. Add to that the editing choices and I am ready to chuck it out the window. I will keep with it though until I find a replacement.
Outside of academics - we are doing dance and swimming and parkday which we will continue as well.

For the Spring Semester I want to add more academics. Why I hear you ask, because I think Froggy is ready and interested. I need structure to keep me on track. Without siblings for Froggy to follow, she needs me to provide her with opportunities. We are going to do Handwriting without Tears, something for reading and something for Math. I don't know what though. 100 easy lessons has been tried and rejected quite thoroughly. Kidzone has some really neat things they do with flashcards and making sentences and we may do that rather than a structured curriculum. We will probably do either Living Math or Singapore Math or some combination there of. My goal for the next few weeks is to finalize these decisions and get some organization to my plans


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