Menu Planning Monday

This is a crazy busy week for us. I have meetings two nights this week as well as my final presentation for my class. Three night-time commitments in the same week and menu planning becomes a serious challenge. I am really looking forward to the new year where the only regular weeknight activity will be Family swim night and there should never be a week with more than two nights out.

Sunday – Chili and Corn Bread
Monday – Family Swim Night – GS Mtg 7:30
Tuesday – Daddy Date Night – Final Presentation
Wednesday – Frittata / Salad / Biscuits
Thursday – Leftovers – GS Training 7pm
Friday – Brisket, Mashed potatoes, Broccoli, Challah
Saturday – Holiday Adventures – Dinner out or leftovers

I would love to add more casseroles into our menu planning especially in the winter. Trying to find healthy versions that don't use a lot of pre-processed ingredients and can be made in a dairy free manner is tricky. Still the search continues. Hopefully some results will show up here in the next few weeks.


  1. I a big fan of soups. Especially ones that crockpot well.

  2. On the subject of soups, which you can make well ahead and freeze well! I just discovered a great dairy free chicken and corn chowder.
    Its a Thai recipe so it uses coconut milk instead!
    My father in law has multiple allergies so we are always looking for creative solutions!



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