Friday Finds - Board Books

Even babies need books. I like to start reading to little ones as soon as they are big enough that I can hold them and still hold a book. As soon as they are capable of holding the book themselves, I believe they need to be given books to hold. Board books are perfect for this. So what board books I hear you ask.

The best books for babies are ones with captivating pictures. Since we are talking here about older infants who can sit up on their own, these babies are beyond the black/white/red stage. They like color and fun pictures just like we do. The other key thing in a board book is readability. I pity the poor mom who is asked to read most board books because the text is too stupid to be tolerated. That is absolutely unnecessary.

So here are some great board books that both child and adult can love. All three recommendations are examples from what I consider a series even though the stories are independent. The series has the same author, illustration style, and language pattern. If one series is not to your liking, try another. If you love one of the books, get the rest in that series.

Bunbun - Written and Illustrated by Sharon McCullough. Bunbun is the middle child and goes on lots of adventures. The large, simple images are in bright friendly shades of green, purple, and orange.In this first installment, brief text is a gentle reminder that it is okay to be average, or 'the middle one.' Bunbun also goes to the fair.

Sandra Boynton - My personal favorite is Your Personal Penguin. All her board books use the same illustration style and lyrical language. Her language is so lyrical that it has even been put to music. Belly Button Book and But Not The Hippopotamus star her beloved recurring hippo. The board books are individual stories. These stories/songs can be found collected into works such as Dog Train or Philadelphia Chicken

Stella Blackstone and Debbie Harter team up to bring a lovely series about Bear. He goes to work. He wanders around town, in the sun, at home and on a bike. He even has a family. The illustrations are what may initially attract a young child to this book. The illustrations have bright colors and imaginative drawings. Children will be captivated with the bear on the cover and will notice little details of what he carries in his arms. The text is simple and predictive, and yet interesting enough that a parent can read it over and over.

So these are some of my favorite board books. What about you? Share some of your favorite books for children of any age.


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