Friday Finds - Valentines Day

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This week's Fridays Find are a bit early so that you can find them and share them on Valentines day. One of the things I have always loved about Barefoot Books is their ability to draw the reader closer to the listener. Or e as a parent closer to my kids. The language and art give you the feeling you are sharing something magical and special even after the 100th reading! Here are two of my favorite books about love and sharing.

You and Me
Written by: Stella Blackstone
Illustrated by: Giovanni Manna

You and Me is a large format board book by Stella Blackstone that celebrates differences and teaches opposites through beautiful illustrations depicting the imaginative play of a boy and girl. While the text is simple enough to captivate even the youngest readers, the illustrations and rythym will entrance all listeners.

Poems About People
Compiled by: Judith Nicholls
Illustrated by: Giovanni Manna

If You and Me is too young for your child, then Someone I Like is perfect. It is anthology of poems about people. Judith Nicholls has brought together the work of poets from many different backgrounds with poems that focus on the people who are dearest to us. Spanning the full range of human emotions, the poems in Someone I Like provide an ideal starting point from which to discuss feelings of anger, sadness, happiness and love that characterize our closest relationshipsThis book makes a wise assumption: children are intelligent and will take from each poem what they can. Some children will delight in the sounds of the poems, some in the content, and others will find joy in both.


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