Menu Planning Monday - Ground Hog Day

I am still struggling with breakfast. I have not had a real breakfast more than once this past week. I did manage to serve Froggy a real breakfast everyday though. If I just had a list of items to rotate through I would be fine but cannot come up with 7 acceptable options.

Here is what I have
Baked Oatmeal
French Toast
Scrambled eggs
Yogurt ( We have been having way too much yogurt lately)

So here is the contest. Three lucky winners will get a breakfast basket sent to them. How can you enter? Suggest something for us to have for breakfast. Remember breakfast must have lots of good protein and no dairy. If your suggestion makes it into regular rotation you are a winner and will have my undying gratitude.

And now for our menu this week..

Sunday - Leftover Pot Roast and squash from Shabbat - boy did that turn out yummy
Monday - Class tonight for mom / Daddy and Froggy will have dinner out
Tuesday - Seafood Stew / salad /bisquits - Bake cookies for Valentines Day party
Wednesday - Family Swim Night- Falafel Picnic
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Cranberry Chicken / Baked potatoes / Steamed broccoli / Challah
Saturday - Hope House Fundraiser - Dinner out


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