999 Literary Challenge Update

Okay another month has gone by. Time to check in and see how I stand on my challenge. And more importantly I just finished a book and wanted to record it. I just finished The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis. It was an interesting look at England in the Dark Ages via a time travel plot.

I am trucking through books now reading the Hugo Award winners. I am having an easy time with these books for a couple of reasons. First I read them on my blackberry while I am putting Froggy to bed. That means there is a period of 20-60 minutes guaranteed reading everyday. Second my blackberry comes with me everywhere I go which means if suddenly there is spare time available I can read a blackberry book. Because of these reasons, any book I can read on the blackberry will get read faster than a traditional book.

I have updated my reading list and added links to the books I have read and reviewed. It is not too late to join. You can count all the books you have read this year even if you did not read them with this in mind.


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