999 Reading Challenge

I love to read but frequently find myself in a rut. Well this year I am breaking out. I pledge to read nine book in nine categories in 2009. The challenge is simple and was inspired by Ruth.

Pick any nine categories of books. Choose your books in each category. Start reading. Change the list as it works for you. Keep track of the books you read in each category. When I first decided to do this, I did not think it all the way through. It did not sound so hard. In making the lists, I realize what a true challenge it will be. 81 books that is an enormous amount of reading to cram into my busy life. But if I succeed, I will be a much more literate person able to converse on interesting topics.

Here is my tentative category list. I will add books to it as I think of them. I have also added links to my reviews of completed books for those I have written.

Educational Theory
The Well Trained Mind
Oak Meadows
How Children Learn*
The Laughing Classroom
Raising The Spirited Child *
Making School By Hand

Fantasy -
Wicked Game

Fifty Jewish Women Who Changed The World
Women of Valor
Father of the Orphans

Judiasm / Jewish topics - These will also be part of the Jewish Literature Challenge
Bread and Fire: Jewish Women Find G-d in the Everyday
A Jewish Woman's Prayerbook
The Jewish Book of Journaling * I finished this. It was a quick read luckily since it was also useless
Zookeeper's Wife
Four Mothers
Fifty Jewish Women Who Changed The World (2)
Women of Valor (2)
Becoming a Jewish Parent

Cooking (recipes/ styles /techniques)
Fast Cheap and Good *
Artisan Chocolates
Fairytale Feasts *

Young Adult
Melting Stones *
Princess Ben
Father of the Orphans (2)
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Strange Relations *

Five Children and It - in progress- a challenge due to strange colloquialism.
Railway Children *
All-Of-A-Kind Family - in progress

Hugo Award Winners(1)
Way Station
Stranger in a Strange Land
Dreamsnake * It was an interesting post apocalyptic world but nothing special.
Where Late The Sweet Bird Sings* - another post apocalyptic world. Clones this time
Doomsday Book * An interesting time travel book. Lots of description of the bubonic plague and life in the Dark Ages
Star Tide Rising
Mirror Dance

American Novelists
America and I
Zookeeper's Wife (2)
Huckleberry Finn - surprisingly I never read this in school so now is the time.

Take the challenge! Share your categories for now. We will check back in once a month.

* - completed
1 - Yes I know there are more than 9 here. I am not sure which I will actually finish. I will winnow the list as I read.
2 - Up to 9 books may count in two different categories.


  1. Good luck. I have not been able to meet my 2008 Triple Eight Challenge. I'm looking at doing something smaller next year. I'll blog about it closer to the end of the month.

    I do plan to do the Jewish Literature Challenge.

    And I am glad I took on the challenge. I'm sure I read more than I would have without it.


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