Sunflower Garden

So the sunflower garden is under way. We have had two work sessions so far.

On the first day, we determined which direction was north using both a compass and the direction of the shadows at midday. It was neat to show the children the two options and that the answer was the same no matter how we got to the answer.

We placed the door to the house on the north side and marked out the rest of the walls.

That was enough for our first adventure.

On day two, we dug up the sod where we will be planting and added compost. We are planting only a 4 inch wide area around the house. Even so removing the sod turned out to be a great deal more work than originally anticipated.

The children had fun digging and breaking up the sod to save as much of the dirt as possible. The hit though was probably all the worms and bugs that we got to see and identify.

The step for day two was adding compost to the soil. Explaining what compost is and where it comes from was neat. It was interesting to see the different reactions among the children.


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