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I love craigslist. When I need a specific something I look there. But Freecycle works for me for more everyday stuff. I get a great deal of my craft supplies there. Lots of the stuff I get off freecycle most people would consider junk. But I turn it into fun for the kidlets.

Sometimes I get a real find though. This weekend, a wonderful lady gave us 3 boxes full of fabric. All different kids of fabrics. There were quilting squares already cut which Froggy abscombed with to become bricks in Beit Hamikdash. There are some wonderful corduroy and flannels that I look forward to working with in the fall.

But what caught my eye right away were the classic style calicos. And there was jsut enough to make Froggy a cute summer dress. I used this pattern but made the bodice a different fabric from the rest. I had been planning to try the pattern forever and finally was inspired. The dress turned out great for a first attempt

The lace down the middle got washed out by the flash. Some day my blog pictures will be as nice as those I see elsewhere. Still Iwanted to share. Froggy refused to model so the couch took center stage.

And here is the full thing. Froggy did try it on and loves it as much as I do. It has a super twirly skirt she says.


  1. What a great find! I wish Freecycle would catch on here, I keep meaning to start a local group but I'm a little shy since my knowledge of the language is still a bit low *L*


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