Menu Monday - Jan 17-23

.This week is a rough week with at least Mommy if not the whole family having evening commitments out of the house every single night.

Last week's fish stew was a tremendous success. I used this for the cream and tilapia (because we had it on hand) for the fish. I also cut back some on both the quantity of fish and potatoes because I did not want leftovers. We will be seeing this recipe many more times.
The Chicken Artichoke Ragout on the other hand was not a success and will not be making a reappearance.

Monday - Still out of town
Tuesday - Pasta with homemade sauce and salad - we need a simple meal as we are just getting back in town. The sauce is already in the freezer
Wednesday - Dinner at class for Mom and Dad. Froggy will get mac and cheese with the sitter.
Thursday - Meatloaf, acorn squash and green beans. I am looking forward to being able to cook again.
Friday - Mahi Mahi in Parchment, rice, brocolli, challah and Nanaimo Bars for dessert.

Both the Mahi and the dessert are experiments. Check back next week for recipes and reviews of both of these. To see what everyone else has on their menu - check out OrgJunkie


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