Valentines Day Musings

Valentines Day - It is technically Saint Valentines Day, a Catholic Holiday. And yet we celebrate it in our house. We should not and I know we should not. There is a guilty feeling in my stomach as I watch my daughter make cards for her teachers and friends. But we do it.

To me it is like Halloween. I along with most of the rest of the country treat them as secular holidays. That is how I grew up. For me there is a big difference between celebrating Halloween and Valentines Day and having a Christmas tree or hanging stockings. Maybe I am deluding myself but it is the same line my mom drew and it works for us at least for now.

Part of me wishes I could do away with it. But part of me loves it. I make my daughter a new dress each year. My husband always gets me flowers and chocolate and does something nice for me. I cook a special festive dinner. We bake treats and share our love with neighbors and friends in a way they understand (unlike the Mishlach Manot baskets which follow closely on its heels).

At some point I am going to need to explain why this is ok but Christmas is not in a way that makes sense to my daughter. For those who have addressed this conflict, I would love to hear how you explained it or why you made the choice you did.


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