A Valentine Menu Feb 7-14

And annoucing, Keli is the winner of last week's Corningware giveaway. Congratulations. I hope she has as much fun cooking in it as I intend to.

So we ended up having this for dessert for Shabbat instead of the crisp. It was an interesting experiment and may have been better if the plums were not so tart. The venison turned out fantastic. Thank you so much Emerson.

Ok so technically Valentines Day is next week but I am spending so much of this week prepping for it (mostly with crafts and baking) that I felt the need to share it early. If we ever dig out from all the snow (We got >24 yesterday and more is due on Tuesday), we will be delivering Valetines goodies to teachers and friends as we see them this week.

Sunday - movie night - dinner is crudite, puffed pastry hors dervs, and cows in blankets.
Monday - Mommy in class - Pizza for the family
Tuesday - Salmon Burgers
Wednesday - Ravioli for Froggy - Parents eat at class if it happens otherwise Chili for the whole family
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - Challah, Pot Roast, roasted root veggies, green beans, sweet heart cake
Saturday - Dinner is left over after a big lunch out.

Valentines Day
breakfast - Heart shaped pancakes with strawberries
Lunch - tortillas with hummus or peanut butter cut in hearts. rice krispy hearts.
Dinner - Grilled Marinated Steak, roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli, chocolate dipped stawberries.

It is interesting. When I looked back for some links, I was surprised at how similar our menu this week is to last year.


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