Judaica - Curriculum review part 3

While this is part three of my review it is of number one importance in our studies. We may skip science or math but not these. As the traditional school year draws to a close, many of our homeschool friends are excited to be finishing school and discussing when to restart. We school year round and I cannot imagine any other option because how could we possibly take a break from Parsha study or prayer?

Brachot before eating, Bedtime Shema and Shacarit each morning including, in order:
    • Modeh ani - upon awakening
    • Mah tovu
    • Asher yatzar
    • Elohai
    • Morning Brachot (as written in our ArtScroll siddur- not ideal but the best compromise)
    • Shema/Vahavta
    • Amidah (we are still working on this one. Only the first brachot is done out loud and in Hebrew, other parts are in English or silent)
    • Aleinu
Hebrew Reading / writing - I have ordered Sha'ah Shel Menucha Alef Bet Primer but I may end up saving it for a year before using it. We will probably just continue with our more unschooly approach of learning through living it. We may also try the Letter a Week style activity similar to what preschools do for the alphabet.

Parsha Study
This is a big struggle for us. We are currently using My First Parsha and My Weekly Sidrah
We have been using both for two years now. They each have their pluses and minuses. Right now the biggest minus for both is that we have been using them for two years. I want a new and different perspective. We will continue to use My First Parsha because it will feed into our reading lessons. I am going to try printing out our Parsha study each week from this website. I am not sure that will work since Froggy is highly resistant to anything not in a bound book.

We have been using this collection reading one lesson each week. I thought about discontinuing it since we have gone through it all but it prompts so many discussions and each reading through gets more in-depth. I love watching the understanding deepening with each year.


  1. I really recommend Torat Imecha - we have been loving it. There are sample parsha books at her site: http://torat-imecha.com/default.aspx
    She is planning to shut down for the summer, but I find these little books so inspiring, I'd probably be able to create my own similar stories for those summer weeks. They are only eight pages, large print, big pictures, lots of white space, and one simple message per parsha. Check out the samples and consider subscribing for the next few weeks ($4 'till June 26) just to see if you like it.
    Then you'd have something to look forward to - at least, I really REALLY hope she will continue in the fall.


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