Geography - Heading West

We returned to our map drill this week. This is our first time back and I was impressed with the number of states Froggy was able to label independently. We label all the ones she remembers in one color (purple this time) then add a few new ones in a new color (red). We add only a few (max 5) new ones each time much. This week, we moved West adding Arizona (where Aunt Sheila lives), Colorado (where Mommy was born) and California (where Aunt Laura is visiting). I do not know what I am going to do when we hit the states that have no personal connection.

Froggy is fascinated with it and would love if we could do map drill every day. I wish she was this interested in Math. I credit all her interest to the placement of our map. The blank map that we fill in gets hung on the dining room wall between sessions. Froggy looks right at it a minimum of twice a day during breakfast and dinner. I never initiate discussion of it except during map drill time. I do answer her questions and respond to her when she wants to talk about it. And this is how she is learning the placement of all the states.

P.S. I have finally added the pictures from St. Augustine.


  1. I find an interesting fact to relate, and that seems to work. So, Washington has a volcano.

  2. I like your map and how you are using it.

  3. I am impressed that Froggy already can label so many states. I am thinking of putting a map of the world in our dine-in kitchen too.

  4. Awesome! Where did you get the blank map?

  5. We got the blank map at a Homeschool conference. It is part of a full collection which we are exploring gradually. The collection included both blank and full color maps. It has the whole world as well as each continent and a detailed map of the Middle East which will be very helpful during our Ancient History unit.

  6. This is fantastic that Froggy could label so many States. Thank you for linking up last week, I am sorry it has taken me this long to get over and read your post.


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