First Day of School

As I have mentioned before one of the benefits of homeschooling is marking time "Jewishly". Our first official day of school is always right after Rosh Hashana.

Today was our first day of school. It looked as anti-thetical to homeschooling as possible since this was also the first day of Religious School. She got scooped asleep into the car and had to eat breakfast on the drive. She did get a new outfit to mark the day.
The backpack fairy came last night and filled Froggy's backpack with her new school supplies and some surprises. Froggy was very excited to open her backpack. I wish had pictures of the process but since she woke up in the car on the way to shul and opened it while I was driving that did not work so well.
She was thrilled with all the supplies but fell in love with the card the backpack fairy wrote her.

Dear ____
Welcome to Kindergarten! Congratulations on your very first first day of school. Study hard. Learn lots. Have fun. And you will go far.
Love ,
The Backpack Fairy

"Oh Momma the backpack fairy gave ME a card." This is Froggy's first experience with someone she does not know sending her anything. It was so cute to see her hugging the card. The fairy also included a Jolly Rancher so learning should be sweet (and she could not put a drop of honey on her tongue)

Without the visit from the backpack fairy, it would be hard to mark since we basically school year round and take breaks as we desire. Many of her extracurricular started before our first day. This week we will start our calendar/weather work though


  1. Congrats on the first day of school! Froggy looks great in her new dress. I love the idea of the backpack fairy, and might steal it from you next year.

  2. SO sweet! I wish we had somewhere to GO on the first day of school. Actually, the big homeschool group here had a "NOT-going-back-to-school picnic and egg drop contest" last Tuesday, but it was in a park, so it still felt like summer, and definitely didn't warrant new clothes.
    By the way, I notice you've blanked out Froggy's name in the text of your post, but not in the photo - I could still read it when I clicked on the picture. ;-)


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