Groups of 10

We are working on adding and subtracting numbers greater than 10 both in Singapore Math and Dreambox.  Froggy is struggling with the concept mightly so I am trying to do anything I can to help her.

We got out the beans to add to Acorn's Sensory Box and Froggy wanted to see who could hold more.  Her estimating skills are great and she knew who had more each time at a glance.  But counting them was a challenge until I reminded her about our groups of ten.  When she made the piles into groups of 10, she easily counted both groups quickly.

When we went back to her math book after this activity, her addition improved.  As adults, we instinctively work in base 10 and group automatically.  I know once Froggy is comfortable with this and does it more naturally all math will be easier for her.


  1. What a cool activity to practice estimating.

  2. Wait a minute! Just noticed you're a family of 4... You haven't really given any details: are you fostering Acorn?

    If you're working on estimating, you might try an "estimating jar"... every week, you just dump in however-many small things (dollar store dinosaurs, pompoms, dollar-store fake flowers socks) and let her estimate. No counting! But she can change her estimate any time. At the end of the week, you open the jar to find out how many there really were.

  3. That is wonderful that she is so comfortable with estimating and counting within 10's! Yeah!
    We do estimating jars as well. It can be quite a game.

  4. You just reminded me to do more estimating. Great job with counting by 10's! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have to try this estimating activity as well - grouping by 10 is still a challenge here as well.


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