Sophie's Masterpiece

Over the summer, we took a virtual tour of Italy through Stories in Art.  The summer programs are always paintings while the winter programs are always sculptures or three dimensional pieces of art.
The theme for this session of Stories in Art is being investigators.  The children are "sent on a mission" in which they gather clues and learn about the sculptures.  I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures.  They were taken with the camera phone since the real camera was not cooperating.

Today we read Sophie's Masterpiece and visited Alexander Calder's Spider among some of his other sculptures. The story was the perfect introduction to unit on three-dimensional art.  This lovely spider works hard at creating masterpieces even though most of them are not appreciated.  I like the message of the book
Then they went to another room and actually looked at Mr. Calder's sculptures.  He is most famous for his stabiles and mobile.  See even the grown ups learn things at these programs.  A stabile is a kinetic sculpture that is standing rather than hanging like a mobile. 

Then the children got to make their own sculptures using wires as Mr. Calder did.  They could create either a stabile or a mobile.  Froggy chose a mobile.  She had some difficulty actually getting the wires attached to the base but that is the only place in which I helped.  All the rest of it she did herself



  1. You are SO lucky to have such a wonderful program readily available. It's fun to see pictures of Froggy in action.

  2. Do you listen to The Creative Mom Podcast? That's where I first heard about Sophie's Masterpiece, and she generally has good book recommendations :)

  3. Wow...I wish we had something like this here!! Thank you so much for sharing and linking up to stART. I can't wait to check out that book :0)

  4. I just love sophie's masterpiece it's the best book ever!My teacher read it to us and it was great.The part i liked was when the lady screamed that was hilarious i liked it a lot.Another part i liked is when the man saw sophie at work and said"I dont want no spiders in here I will not have one" then he went on the roof that was another funny part I enjoyed a lot too!That was a good story.


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