Froggy's Haggadah

Two years ago, I made this haggadah for Froggy.  She loved it and it was great giving her something to use and help follow along.  But even just last year it was really to young for her already.  We still brought it out and she flipped through it.

One of my email lists shared how they have personal haggadahs for each child that the child builds and adds to each year.  Inspiration

So this year we are going to add to Froggy's Haggadah.  I will move her old haggadah into a 3-ring binder so the each new page can be added in the appropriate section. We are starting with the Maggid and the Four Questions.  We will do both question and answer as pretty and fun as we can.  If we finish that and have time, we will add whichever other parts Froggy picks.

I will post pictures as we go.


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