Menu Planning Monday - 29 Adar II

 The Review - Due to preferences of guests we revamped our Shabbat meal at the last minute having fish instead.  The only thing staying the same was the desserts. A more complete review is here.
Sunday - Pasta, homemade sauce, garlic bread and salad.
Monday - Chicken Tika Masala, Naan, veggie samosas
Tuesday - Coq a vin, Harvest grain from Trader Joes, green beans
Wednesday -Picnic -Tuna Salad with Potato Crisps (KBD - Lightens Up)
Thursday -crockpot three bean chili chips and salad
Friday- last weeks original menu with new desserts
  • challah
  • sticky orange herb roasted chicken (20something)
  • Creamy parsnips- spinach(20something)
  • frozen peas


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