Blueberries for Sal (and Froggy)

Blueberry picking is one of our favorite activities.  This is our second year at the same farm.  They use mostly organic practices and do not spray so we feel quite safe going with little ones.  It is on top of a hill at least a little bit like the hill Sal gets to visit.  Luckily we have yet to encounter any bears, mom or baby.  Reading Blueberries for Sal is critical part of the outing though.

This year, we went with another homeschooling family who we are getting as much as we can of this summer before they leave us for Nebraska.

We did not actually see much of the childrens' faces as we picked.  We heard them though.  Playing fairy games, singing songs and making new friends with the other families who came to pick

We picked until the kids decided it was time for lunch.  Then we walked down to the lake on property for a glorious picnic lunch.

After lunch, the children wanted more of the lake and visited the little canoe up close.

Froggy was explained that it was Wildcat Island.  She let the other family be the Swallows since they have four children and she and I were the Amazons
This is the farmhouse for the owners of the farm.

After the other family left, Froggy and I picked for about another 45 minutes or so and headed home ourselves.  We brought home a full 5 quarts of berries.  We snacked ourselves silly, made blueberry crisp, had enough to freeze and still make ice cream.


  1. It looks like you had a great time. I can't wait for our berries to be in season. Thanks for linking to the Summertime Fun Party.


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