We are still working our way through our Singapore book.  But sometimes variety is the spice of life.  We were driving back from Thanksgiving in Tennessee and Froggy interrupted her video to play teacher and give us a math quiz.  Since multiplication figured prominently in the quiz I decided to revisit our skip counting sticks

Froggy played with the sticks for a bit and then I showed her how they related to what we call multiplication.  We laid out the sevens (since that was the group featured most prominately in our quiz). Then I took the exact problem she had given me (7*7) and turned it back on her.  I explained that the first number tells her which picture/bundle to pull out.  Then the second number shows her how far in to go. We counted seven sticks in to find the answer. 

It was so fun to see the light in her eyes.  She laid out all her sticks and did problem after problem laughing at how easy it was.  As a fun end to the day we watched the sevens from Schoolhouse rock.  I didn't remember it as well as the fives so I had to show her that one as well. 


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