Presents and Thank You Cards

Froggy had her birthday party this past weekend.  A wonderful result is lots of fun presents.  To my pleasant surprise, many of her friends gave her my favorite kind of present, art supplies and/or projects.

However, along with presents come thank you cards.  Last year, Froggy dictated her cards to me and I wrote them.  This year, I thought that since Froggy is now six, she should write her own thank you cards. 

Yet when I wrote out the thank you note for her to copy, the volume of writing was overwhelming, even though I had kept the language and words minimal.  It was a struggle for her to complete it in one day.

So I am left with a set of choices all of whom I do not care for. 
  1. Let Froggy dictate the cards again as she did last year. (on the positive side, the cards would be more in depth and convey more meaning) 
  2. Make a form letter and have Froggy fill in the blanks (seems unfriendly and rude to me)
  3. Push Froggy to complete one a day - (down side it will take a long time and some cards will be late)
What do you think?  What do you do with your children?


  1. If there were few enough children that she could do the thank-yous in ~2 weeks, at one a day, I'd probably do that. And I'd count that towards her writing requirements for the day. However, if this is a huge struggle, I'd opt against it. Children are different. Froggy being 6 doesn't magically make her fine motor and hand strength perfectly suited for this task.

    There's nothing wrong with you writing the thank you, and her adding a closing "thank you" and her signature.

    Form letters were unacceptable when we were children, but have grown in popularity. I might not send one to grandparent-types, but our parent-peers shouldn't have any issues with them.

  2. So this comment is a little late, but I've only gotten a thank-you note once or twice after a kid's birthday party. I'd be so impressed to be getting a written thank-you that I really wouldn't care that it was a form letter! Besides, I think everyone can appreciate that writing personalized thank-you's for a whole party's worth of guests is a tall order for a six-year-old.


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