Hanukkah Happiness

To accompany our Hanukkah baking and decorating, we pulled out our holiday favorites.
 First is Hanukkah Around the World.  We read it last year but Froggy's interaction with it this year is so much deeper.  When we read the story set in France about the special Rosh Chodesh of Hanukkah, she got it and started looking forward to it. We will see if perhaps we can make our seventh day into a Chag Habanot.  We are certainly looking forward to trying this sephardic alternative to sufganyiot.  (You can never have too many fried foods huh?)
Froggy read Engineer Ari and the Hanukkah Mishap in Religious School.  Her teacher seems to be a big Engineer Ari fan.  I had never met him until this year but this second story of his Froggy has loved.  He is much much more pleasant to deal with than Sammy the Spider.Engineer Ari is a new beloved friend at our house.
Another new one we found at the library was not such a joyous find.  We read One Candle.  Froggy picked it out because it was in the Hanukkah section.  I did not pre-read it before it was brought to me for storytime.  I had a hard time finishing the story through teary eyes.  The story tells of how one family honors their Holocaust survivors and remembers those who did not survive.  I would recommend it but for an older audience.


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