I think we have finally turned a corner with our Chumash study.  About two months ago, I ordered flashcards for Froggy and a real workbook.

We backtracked a bit and redid several passukim to get a better handle on them.

We took some break due to illness and chaos but we also changed how we work on our Chumash focusing on the flashcards and on fluency.

We just finished Passukט and Froggy was able to read it fluenly and with confidence match all the vocabulary words up to this point. 

I made her a new color worksheet to go with the new Passuk for the week.  Froggy loves it when I make these worksheets for her.  They are all possible thanks to the guidance of Adventures in Mamaland.  Her worksheets are much better but mine are improving.  

Looking ahead, the new "required" vocabulary becomes less as many of the words are already familiar. As of this week, we have already learned 24 out of the possible 35 flashcards.  Yet we have not even finished the first (of seven) portions.


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