Purim Progress

Purim is fast approaching and we are actually getting ready.  I still have made no progress on my costume but I am making great progress in other areas.

Froggy's costume is ready.  She picked her dress, crown, veil and even petticoats.

We have been working diligently on our own Megillah.  This is the most involved project Froggy has ever done.  I have tried to break it down into little bites so that she does not get overwhelmed or frustrated with too much.
 This is a close up of one the scenes she drew.  It is supposed to depict the King choosing Esther.  The "talk bubble" as Froggy calls them says, "It is you, my dear."  She dictates the bubbles and I write them.
And here is an attempt at showing the whole thing to this point.  It is still not done.  We have only just added Haman picking lots.

 Our Mishlach Manot list is finished.  There are fourteen local (aka hand delivered baskets) and four mailed baskets.  I am keeping the design/construction of the baskets as simple as possible this year since all of Froggy's limited artist tolerance is going into the Megillah.  We settled on purchased plain white bags which we painted with shaving cream. 


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