I love to do handcrafts.  I always have.  When I was young I desperately wanted to learn to knit, crochet, cross-stitch, anything I could.  So why on earth can I not find anything that inspires Froggy?  All of my attempts to entice her into pursing some form of handwork have all met with eager beginnings and quick frustration and disgust.

I finally decided to try again.  In an attempt to keep her motivated I did a couple of things.  First, we started a new project. It is still hand sewing just like the last time.  But this time it is going to be a matching dress to a new dress I am working on for her.  To make it even more fun for her it is part of a whole matching series.  I have a skirt in the same fabric.  The second thing I did was make the time while she is working on it special.  I am reading her Five Children and It while she sews.  I have a nice project bag for her with all her supplies and the book. 

I am not sure it will keep her going long enough to finish the whole project but she lasted longer on this project than any other thus far.


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