Mardi Gras

Many people claim that Mardi Gras has its roots in Purim. It is hard to deny the connection while preparing for both in the same week.  The feel of the holidays remarkable similar to any one who is familiar with both.

Froggy, eager for any opportunity to celebrate, was thrilled with the chance to help Aunt Petal, who is from Louisana and who grew up on Mardi Gras, celebrate her holiday.  We invited some of our homeschool buddies over to learn with us as we made decorations and King Cakes.
My calendar foobars gave me an opportunity to practice without the kidlets and learn some tricks to use with the kids.  Froggy and I prepped the dough Sunday night.  This recipe is basically a big cinnamon bun. I have seen others that are more danish like and I will try to hunt down one of those for next year.

Before the friends arrived I had Froggy draw rectangles of the appropriate size on parchment paper.   Froggy and her friend rolled out prepared dough.  It was a great deal more like mashing into shape than actually rolling.  I was having so much fun helping the girls, I totally forgot to take pictures.  We spread the filling and the girls got to roll up the cakes.

While the cakes were rising, we made Hamentashen.  Our visiting friend was baffled by how to shape the triangles.  She gave it her best shot and improved immensely.  We were all giggling and covered in flour by the time it was done.

While everything baked, the girls went downstairs and played dress up. They were layered in gowns and scarves and beads and crowns by the time they were done. 


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