Menu Planning Monday - 24 Sh'vat

I am back on track with my menu planning and creativity in the kitchen.  This week has lots of experiments.  But first a review of last week.

Review - I still have not made the breakfast bread.  We went with the pumpkin muffins instead.  They were a tremendous hit. I think I have fine tuned the recipe to its final state.  The granola bars were good but too oily.  They came out chewy as predicted which is a plus but I think they need some nuts or something else.  I will make another batch this week and retweak the recipe.

We have been  eating out our freezer and it is now time to restock.  Each week I am making a crockpot meal and put one batch in the freezer.  We put the chili in last week and this week.  We

Sunday - Fish Ala Jenn, rice, peas
Monday - Salad, pasta, homemade sauce and garlic bread
Tuesday- Pancakes, Eggs and King Cake with Aunt Petal. oops this is next week.  We will still have BFD but no King Cake yet.
Wednesday - Chicken Saag (probably this or this recipe)and Naan
Thursday - Hungarian Goulash and Egg Noodles
Friday - Challah, Tricolor Gefilte Fish, Homemade Hummus and a purchased dip, Tomato Spinach Soup,
Orange Chicken, Spaghetti Squash, Cucumber Salad, Roasted Green beans and mushrooms, peach crisp, mocha crinkles. And in theory the apple breakfast bread unless I change my mind again.


  1. The menu looks great. Thanks for trying the granola bar recipe. Sorry it didn't come out as well as hoped. I haven't found that problem with the recipe, so thanks for the feedback. I'd love to know if you try it again. I'm planning on trying them tomorrow with dried fruit instead of chocolate chips.

    1. Tiffany - We often get "interesting" results because we cannot use butter. The different fats all work differently in recipes.


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