Week in Review

 We took advantage of a crazy warm day and met friends at the park.  The sky was black and threatening but with temps over 70 in Jan, put on rainboots and headed out.  We hiked along the creek and found snails.  Many of the kidlets waded in the creek. Some who did not have boots even went wading barefoot.  Across the creek on a little disturbed island, they got to see deer tracks. 
Despite going to this same park regularly, we always see neat new things.  This week, we discovered this tree with a hole large enough for the girls to climb into even if they were not brave enough to venture in.
Froggy is almost halfway through her chess class and finally up to actually playing with Daddy.  
We went on a neat trip to the planetarium.  The best part of the trip of some was the unexpected chance to pet a snake.


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