Hiking through the Hudson with the Leaf Man and Jasper Francis Cropsey

For the second installment of Stories in Art, Froggy got to take a tour of the Hudson River Valley via a giant autumnal landscape by Jasper Francis Cropsey. The piece is aptly titled Autumn—On the Hudson River,  The docent asked the children to share what captured their attention in the painting.  Froggy liked the boats on the river.  One has to look deeply and carefully at the painting to know that there are even boats there. 
After viewing the painting, the docent read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.  Froggy did not like the book as much as last week's but I thought it was much more appropriate and evocative. It is intersting to see the diverse opinions.
Finally came Froggy's favorite part of every visit, her chance to be the artist.  The objective of the project was to make a collage with the available autumnal materials.  Froggy created "The Leaf Queen"  Froggy and I both prefer these kinds of projects, more free form and open-ended than the coloring project from last week


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