Wild Horses

We love going to Asseteague.  Whether we stay in a hotel or camp right by the beach, it is an important tradition for our family.    After last year's comedy of errors, it was nice to have a trip that actually worked. 
The weather was magnificent.  We did not have a single rain storm.  The weather was cooler than usual so we actually daylight hours out of the water.  
 After burying Froggy, it was Abba's turn.
 The horses are wild but some of them are very friendly.
This one decided Abba needed kisses
 While it was fun watching a mom and baby, it is even more cool watching the horses play in the surf. 
With Abba's help, Froggy was actually able to fly the kite.
After many years of talking about it, we finally made it down to Chincoteague. It was not Auction weekend so there were no crowds but also no swimming foals.
 The first stop was the visitor's center so Froggy could be sworn in as a Junior Ranger. 
 Froggy posed with Misty (I don't know if the artist knew that is who it is but Froggy is positive)
This is the still working lighthouse that guards the shores of Asseatgue Island.  We learned some of the history of the shipwrecks off the shore of the island, including one presidential yacht.
 The best part of the day for Froggy was feeding the foals. 

We had to leave the campground early on our last day so we took the opportunity to visit the boardwalk. 
Froggy did a great job on this "banana bike" that she was barely tall enough to use.
We also got to take a look at this replica of a Spanish Galleon. 


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