Wednesday, October 9

Stitching Successes

Handwork (which includes the sewing machine) is a big part of life around here.  We put it aside some while Froggy was in her cast but here are some of our latest success.
I usually make Froggy a beautiful new something for Rosh Hashana.  This year, I indulged and made something for me instead.  I have a very unusual body shape and have a hard time finding store bought tops that really fit me nice.  It is a joy to wear something where all  the seams sit where they are supposed to. I made a muslin just like a real seamstress and tailored to be be just right. 
Froggy was not totally left out.  I made her a new carry all for her treasures from an old t-shirt.  I want a new bag for my sewing and this was a great way to test if I like the pattern/structure.  Answer is I do not. I want something more structured so I am still looking.
Froggy is working hard as well.  She is doing her very first ever embroidery project.  It is an archer that she started at Pennsic.

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