Menu Planning Monday - 3 Adar 1

Review - I made chocolate caramel tart for dessert last week.  the caramel was much better than in the banana cake.  it softened outside of the fridge so we were able to cut the tart despite my fear.  it was yummy in the moment but the leftovers did not hold up.  On the other hand the blueberry coffee cake was so amazing that by Sunday evening it was gone and people were missing it. 

Sunday -  Black Bean Enchilada Bake
Monday -Out with Friends
Tuesday - Pulled Chicken, Corn and Carrot Sitcks
Wednesday - leftovers (make brisket)
Thursday - orange chicken, quinoa and broccoli  (make gefilte fish loaf)
Friday - Challah, Gefilte Fish Loaf, Tomato Spinach Soup, Wednesday Brisket, smashed potatoes, green beans, Fudge Pie, coffee cake, raspberry swirl rolls

Froggy is going through a super picky phase and very sensitive to textures.  She is down to basically three things she will eat for breakfast and three for lunch.  So I am experimenting with some things I hope will be fun and tempting.  We tried breakfast burritos and it was a dismal failure.  This week I am trying French Toast Rolls. I like this better than many french toast type breakfast dishes because I can make only a few a time.

other items on the baking list are
lemony brownies
snow drops


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