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Menu Planning Monday

Sunday - Orange Chicken, quinoa and peas
Monday - fish ala jenn rice and broccoli
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - Tacos, rice and beans
Thursday -Enchilada bake
Shabbos Dinner
challahmandumiso soupsalmonricegreen beansasian slawand mishkan cake for dessert Shabbos Day
rasberry rolls mac and cheeseaspargus quiche lemon bars

Menu Planning Monday - 17 Adar 1

This is yet another busy week with more snow possible in the forecast. We are right in that area where even an inch of snow disrupts everything but where an inch is not frequently not unlikely.

Monday - arrive home late. Dinner will likely be cheese and crackers in the car unless we are much earlier than anticipated.
Tuesday - fish ala jenn rice and carrot sticks
Wednesday - Tacos, black beans and rice.
Thursday - Orange Chicken, quinoa and broccoli
Shabbos - It is just our small family for Shabbos this week.  We are having what is fast becoming the safe default menu.

Challah - We are back to my old basic recipe.  The experiments were fun and different but everyone agreed that they much prefer my traditional recipe. 
Gefilte Fish Loaf - I am so tired of this but I cannot find anything else that others like to serve for a fish course.  Suggestions?
Matzah Ball Soup - per Froggy's request.
Herb Roasted Chicken
Sauteed Green beans
Roasted Root Veggies
Peach Crisp and parve…


We are getting close to the end of our anatomy study.  We have been examining the skin in detail.  Today we took the opportunity to play forensics and examine our fingerprints in depth.
We left latent fingerprints on a couple of surfaces.  First we tried our plexiglass tabletopper but it was too large and cumbersome to "dust" well so we switched to a small piece of glass. 
 We "dusted" for prints using flour and my small sifter.   We lifted the prints using packing tape and kept them for prosperity by placing them on piece of dark construction paper.  This made it much easier to compare prints.

Bao Bao

It seems every recent visit to the zoo, we get to meet a new baby.  This time it was the baby panda, Bao Bao.   He was really cute and tons of fun to watch even if we did not get very good pictures.
 He is about 4 months old here but brand new to walking.  He is actually trying to eat

Menu Planning Monday - 10 Adar 1

We are heading out of town for a long weekend on Thursday so we have packing to add to an already crazy week.  To that end I am trying to keep the food simple.  I am finally getting around to trying the Chana Dal I keep saying I am going to make.  

Sunday - Pasta, homemade sauce, salad and garlic bread
Monday -Chana Dal, Naan and green beans
Tuesday -Pizza and salad
Wednesday - fish a la jenn, peas and rice
Thursday - head out of town

Baking -
valentines cut out cookies
Chocolate chip cookies
Pumpkin bread

Anim Zemirot

Yesterday marked a very special Shabbos for Froggy. After months of studying, she got her first opportunity to lead the congregation in Anim Zemirot.  She did an amazing job finding her voice after only the first couplet.  I know she was nervous but it did not show one bit.  Several people commented that she was one of the best of the gang in her pronunciation.  I was so proud of her I thought I was going to explode.

If you are not familiar with this particular psalm, it is one of only two that pre-bnai mitzvah children are permitted to lead and the only one which is almost exclusively led by these special youngsters. I found this fun link of a Shabbaton choir leading it.

Menu Planning Monday - 3 Adar 1

Review - I made chocolate caramel tart for dessert last week.  the caramel was much better than in the banana cake.  it softened outside of the fridge so we were able to cut the tart despite my fear.  it was yummy in the moment but the leftovers did not hold up.  On the other hand the blueberry coffee cake was so amazing that by Sunday evening it was gone and people were missing it. 

Sunday -  Black Bean Enchilada Bake
Monday -Out with Friends
Tuesday - Pulled Chicken, Corn and Carrot Sitcks
Wednesday - leftovers (make brisket)
Thursday - orange chicken, quinoa and broccoli  (make gefilte fish loaf)
Friday - Challah, Gefilte Fish Loaf,Tomato Spinach Soup, Wednesday Brisket, smashed potatoes, green beans, Fudge Pie, coffee cake, raspberry swirl rolls

Froggy is going through a super picky phase and very sensitive to textures.  She is down to basically three things she will eat for breakfast and three for lunch.  So I am experimenting with some things I hope will be fun and tempting.  …