Homeschool Diary - 26 Tishrei 5771

Because sometimes it is fun to see the whole week at a glance

Monday - New lessons all around
     Parsha - Noach - Read story in both books
     Math - start new lesson - adding with number bonds in textbook
     Handwriting - Lowecase S
     And the best part of all Girl Scouts
Tuesday -
    Parsha - vocabulary and activity - we are building towers and counting by twos.
   Handwriting - lowercase n
  Ulpan - start new unit - clothing - Froggy has been eagerly awaiting this one.  I love this program
   Math - practice in workbook and play Dreambox
   Get Family Pictures taken
Wednesday - 
   Field Trip - Eric Energy - two other families are meeting us and it should be a fun informative time.
   We may do a bit of schooly stuff as well but maybe not
    Japanese class in the afternoon and then family swim time.
Thursday -
   Parsha - Mitzvah connection - Justice
   Handwriting - continue with whichever lowercase comes next
   Math - finish workbook pages
   First class of Gymnastics
Friday  - Get ready for Shabbat -Parkday

All week - our letter this week is Vav.  We practice the sound and writing it and learn at least two vocabulary words with the letter.  This week's words are ורד and  ו'לוך

As well we work on our calendar all week long.  Froggy is getting much better with her days of the week.  She may even know some of the names of the months next Rosh Hashana


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