Froggy and I did an impromptu nature study while reading Swallows and Amazons.  We love this book and I have talked about here and here because as you can see it is part of Froggy's life right now. We were reading the chapter "Robinson Caruso and Man Friday" in which Titty (among other things) meets a Dipper. Froggy asked what a dipper looked like.  I told her honestly that I had no idea but we could find out together. 

We researched dippers online and in our field guide.  They are not native to our area which may account for why I had not heard of them.  We added this one to our nature journals since it is probably the one Titty saw since it is common in Britain.  We drew its picture, added the date and notes about its habitat and behavior the same as if we had discovered the bird on a walk. 

We also found this one which is common in America but only out west. It is "North America's only truly aquatic songbird"


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