Chag Purim

The time has finally come.  All our preparations are done and tonight we get to celebrate. 

Here is Froggy's finished Megillah.  She made a cover and belt for it to "to beautify the Mitzvah".  She chose all the decoration and did most of the work although I helped attach the beads.
 We made tons and tons of Hamentashen.  The ones above are traditional with an apricot filling.  I use this recipe for the dough. 
 We also made these new double chocolate ones using this recipe.  These were an amazing hit with the family.  One batch makes about 4 dozen but we made a second batch after tasting how good the first batch was.  They are dairy not parve like my traditional recipe thanks to the Nutella filling.  Filled with jam or poppyseed they would still be parve.
Here is what we put in our Mishlach Manot bags.  We chose the foods so that we would have something from each category of Bracha.
 Froggy had a grand time filling the bags.  The painting turned out beautiful even if it did have a tendency to shed glitter.
 And here is a peek inside the filled bags. 


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