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Our new curriculum for the school year focuses on learning through Living Books and therefore has quite a bit of reading intrinsic to it.  Our current reads for "school" are the Blue Fairy Book, Aesop's Fables, Fifty Famous Stories, Paddle to The Sea and The Burgess Bird Book
 Froggy is in love with the Bird Book and has actually asked for it over other books.  Still those are "school" and everyone needs fun reading.  It would not be September with reading Rosh Hashana books.  In addition to last year's favorite The World's Birthday,  we added a new fun one, Talia and the Rude Vegetables. The story revolves around Talia's misunderstand of her grandmother's request and ends with a yummy Rosh Hashana meal.  Froggy has read it several times, laughing at Talia's confusion.  I like that it talks about traditions and shares a recipe at the end so we can bring the story more to life. 
The unexpected library find of the week is The Seventh Day.  It is a lovely book about creation.  It does not lay it out day by day but takes a more lyrical artistic approach culminating in a beautiful welcome of Shabbat.
And finally Froggy's pick for the week is You Wouldn't Want to Be a Slave in Ancient Greece . She has glued herself to it reading it over and over again.  She wants to tell me all about it constantly.  We have acted out the story.  We have talked about where it is accurate and where it is fictional.  I am not sure what makes the book so appealing to her.  It is the kind of book that drives me crazy with cluttered pages full of distractions.  It does call to her joy of historical fiction which makes learning with her so much fun.


  1. A lot of great books this week! Thanks for joining WMCIR! I have to get a Rosh Hashanah book while there is still time left :)


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